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Types of Membership

The number of members in the Association allows OOIDA to continue representing the nation's small business truckers. Our large membership gives us the financial depth to hang on for the long haul in court cases. Our large membership gives us 'weight' when it comes time to let Washington, D.C., know how truckers feel about their industry. If you're a member, thank you for your continued support. If you're not a member, do the right thing. Fill out the membership form below and join OOIDA today!

For new members or to renew your membership, please click here to enroll.

(Membership fee is $45 for one year. Add $10 for spouse and/or for each additional driver.)

A form is available in PDF format that you can download and fill in and either fax or mail to OOIDA.

Corporate Membership

Contrary to popular belief, the trucking industry isn't a handful of giant motor carriers. The trucking industry includes nearly 650,000 registered motor carriers, of which 390,000 are small-business owner-operators, most of whom operate six or fewer trucks.

In addition to representing their interests in state and federal government, OOIDA also develops and offers benefit programs and services for the membership. We continually seek programs with corporate partners and other industry associations that will be mutually beneficial to both OOIDA members and to the sponsors' visibility and marketing efforts.

Doing business with our members is doing business with the trucking industry's decision makers. Most OOIDA members own their own equipment. Collectively, they spent nearly $12 billion last year on their independent businesses.

Becoming an OOIDA Corporate Supporter not only brings the visibility of partnership to you, but also provides the opportunity to expose your organization to the owner-operators, independent drivers and small fleet owners and their awesome buying power!

Opportunities for You

Three Corporate Membership Levels

There are three levels of corporate membership available to companies and other associations, based upon their level of commitment and their company’s relative size.

Basic Corporate Membership $1,250/yr: Reserved for independent consultants (accountants, lawyers, etc.), brokers, individual truck dealerships and truck stops.

Silver Corporate Membership $2,500/yr: Typically for small-to-medium sized manufacturing firms, distributors, larger consulting firms and service providers, medium-to-large motor carriers, associations etc.

Gold Corporate Membership $5,000/yr: Encouraged for equipment OEMs, large manufacturing firms and distributors (oil, electronics, tires etc.).

Demonstrate your appreciation for owner-operators through a corporate membership in the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. Simply fill out the enrollment form and return it with the applicable membership dues.

For further information about becoming a Corporate Supporter Member of OOIDA, please call our toll-free number at (800) 444-5791 and ask for the Marketing Department or email us at