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Regulatory Resources

Below is a collection of useful regulatory resources to help you and your operation.

State-by-State Speed Limits

For a chart of maximum speed limits by state, click here.


Click here for CARB Fact Sheets on their various trucking related regulations.

GAO Studies

To view a library of relevant transportation studies by the GAO, click here.

Leasing Regulations

Your operating lease with a motor carrier is governed by regulation contained in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations – part 376. Read them here.

Have questions regarding your lease?  Click here for commonly asked questions.

Lumping Regulations

Title 49 United States Code §14103 (a) and (b) LOADING AND UNLOADING MOTOR VEHICLES

Read the regulations here.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency

Executive Report – 6 x 2 (Dead Axle) Tractors 
Executive Report – Wide Base Tires 

2016-17 Winter Chain Advisory

To read a state-by-state breakdown on chain laws around the country, click the links below
U.S. Laws
Canadian Laws