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New York Highway Use Taxes

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OOIDA, Spoon Trucking, Steve Bixler, Jack McComb, Lewie Pugh vs NY State Dept of Taxation and Finance, Thomas H Mattox, Andrew M Cuomo

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Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Albany

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This action challenges the constitutionality of the Defendants' imposition of certain highway taxes in the amounts of $15.00 for a certificate of registration ("Registration tax") and a $4.00 decal charge ("Decal tax") (jointly "Unconstitutional Taxes") on all trucks using New York State highways. Failure to pay the unconstitutional taxes on a timely basis can result in fines, interest, penalties and seizure of property.

The named plaintiffs seek to represent a class of all interstate motor carriers who reside and/or operate trucking equipment primarily outside the State of New York who have paid or will pay the Unconstitutional Taxes and are now or may in the future become subject to the requirements of the Taxes.

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