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Supervalu, Inc.

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OOIDA, Joe Rajkovacz and Carl Schaefer v. Supervalu, Inc.

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U.S. District Court for Minnesota; 8th Circuit Court of Appeals

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OOIDA filed suit against Supervalu alleging that Supervalu required owner-operators to present proof of insurance over and above what they are required to have by regulation as a condition to unload their own trailer.  If they were unable to present proof of insurance, they were referred by Supervalu to a lumping service which charged the drivers high fees for unloading Supervalu’s cargo. 

In 2007, the court dismissed the claim for an award of money. However, the court granted class treatment status for the claim seeking to enjoin Supervalu’s conduct. The claim for an injunction was settled in May 2009 by Supervalu agreeing to an order preventing it from requiring proof of insurance coverage greater than that required by federal law.  On appeal, OOIDA is seeking reimbursement of the lumper fees drivers were required to pay during the period of Supervalu’s extraordinary insurance requirements. 

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