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Truck System Technologies

10% off items from Truck System Technologies for OOIDA members

TST provides OOIDA members with a 10% discount on Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and other products.

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Blue Tiger USA

Blue Tiger USA offers OOIDA members 10% off ALL products

Blue Tiger USA is a manufacture of over-the-head Bluetooth headsets and accessories designed specifically for professional drivers. Blue Tiger USA's driving focus is excellent customer service and quality products, which are in line with their mission statement: “To help professionals live safer and happier lives while traveling on the road.”

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OOIDA Members receive 25% off CB’s, Portable Power and Dash Cam’s

With its creation of the world’s first CB radio over 50 years ago, Cobra Electronics continues to grow by developing a large array of innovative products suitable for professional drivers, driving enthusiasts, outdoor recreational enthusiasts, and recreational boaters.

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Falcon Electronics

Members receive a 16 discount on all Falcon Electronics products

Whether you’re a fleet of 1 or 1000, Falcon-Electronics can provide affordable solutions for you and your company; offering safety and protection.

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Garmin offers OOIDA Members exclusive discounts on Garmin truck products and accessories

For more than 30 years, Garmin has pioneered new GPS navigation and wireless devices and applications that are designed for people who live an active lifestyle. Garmin serves five primary markets, including automotive, aviation, fitness, marine, and outdoor recreation.

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GiraffeG4 Truck Protection System

OOIDA members receive a 5% discount on the GiraffeG4 Truck Protection System PLUS a $15 mail-in rebate*.

The GiraffeG4 system addresses the overhead hazard problems truckers face every day. Using the latest in waterproof sound technology the GiraffeG4 gives the driver a chance to measure the hazard he's about to pass under.

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HawksHead TPMS

OOIDA members receive 15% discount on Tire Pressure Monitoring System products.

HawksHead TPMS supplies many types of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems for Trucks and Fleets. These systems offer real time pressure and temperature wirelessly with alarms to the driver's seat.

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OOIDA Members receive $10 off any MaTrack device purchase

We offer the latest devices and services for tracking drivers, trucks and trailers.

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OOIDA Members receive 10% off PACLink®

PACLink® is a wireless fault code reader that provides the user access to fault codes and code descriptions, as well as the VIN number and engine serial number.

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RightWeigh Load Scales

Save 10% on all onboard load scales with Right Weigh

Right Weigh’s patented gauges display your on-the-ground weight in pounds, providing you with the information needed to efficiently and legally load without having to waste time and money to find a commercial scale.

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OOIDA Members save on SafeKey Driver and Cargo Safety System and data service.

Create a circle of safety around you and your truck.

Protect yourself from the threat of crime, health emergencies or security issues – whether you are inside or outside the cab.

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Shorepower Technologies

OOIDA members can receive discount on kit

Shorepower is the largest provider of Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) in the country. Our pedestals provide convenient access to power for any household appliances, climate control and entertainment.

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Choose the best and enjoy a special 10% discount.

Cell Signal problems can be eliminated with the most powerful and purest signal boosters on the market today. Smoothtalker solutions have been helping Americans for over 16 years. We offer many vehicle booster kits for all size vehicles. Trucks, RV, SUV and passenger vehicles. When staying connected is an important part of your daily business it means you need your data to be up 24/7 and uninterupted voice services.

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OOIDA Members receive 15% off Xantrex inverters and installation

Your day on the road is long. When you have downtime, you just want a hot meal and a good night’s sleep. Xantrex inverters allow you to have the comforts of home in your truck.

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