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Aerodynamic Equipment


Save more money with an Aerodynamic Tractor

OOIDA members with aerodynamic tractors take home more money. The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit is the first and only product of its kind to reduce aerodynamic drag on the tractor.

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SOLUS Air Conqueror©

SOLUS Offers OOIDA Members a 5% Discount on all Purchases of its Air Conqueror© Products

SOLUS Solutions and Technologies, LLC is the leading supplier of semi-trailer aerodynamic fuel saving products on the East Coast. It's innovative Split Skirt and Wheel Cavity Cover fuel-saving products provide unmatched operational benefits, are EPA Smartway verified and CARB approved.

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$100 discount coupon for TrailerBlade Advance Side Skirt

TrailerBlade is a leading Advanced Side Skirt, verified and approved by the US EPA and the California Air Resources Board. TrailerBlade achieved greater than 7% fuel savings in a certified test. OOIDA members can receive a $100 discount with a members only coupon.

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VorBlade Invisible Fairings

Save fuel, gain stability and CARB Compliance with VorBlade Cab and Trailer aerodynamic systems!!!

VorBlade offers to all OOIDA members a 10% discount on any products sold directly either via on-line sale or phone sale.

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