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Benefits & Services

OOIDA Retirement Plan


Are you one of the 60% of professional truckers who have not started saving for your retirement?

You can start securing your future through the OOIDA Retirement Plan.

Plan now so that you can realize your dreams later. If you have dreams of a worry-free retirement, then you must start now. Make your money work for you and provide the benefits that long-term investing can give you.

The OOIDA Retirement plan has been designed with the small business trucker in mind. It is retirement savings that goes with you, regardless of the carrier you are driving for now, or may drive for in the future. It also allows for flexible tax-deductible contributions in any amount from as low as $25, up to $12,500 per year ($15,500 if you are 50 or older). This gives you the opportunity to save whenever you choose.

The OOIDA Retirement Plan utilizes a Special Tax-Deferred Annuity designed by American Underwriters Life Insurance Company in association with OOIDA.

With the OOIDA Retirement Plan, members can take advantage of:

To set up your retirement plan and your AUL/OOIDA Retirement Annuity, call the OOIDA Medical Benefits Group for the appropriate applications and information.  (800) 715-9369

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Neither American Underwriters Life Insurance Company, OOIDA nor any of our agents, or representatives are authorized to give legal, tax or accounting advice. The information in this brochure summarizes our understanding of the current tax laws as they relate to this annuity. We suggest you consult your own specialist in this area for any questions you may have.

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