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Benefits & Services
Benefits & Services

IFTA Fuel Mileage Tax Services

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OOIDA Members can now take advantage of IFTA Fuel and Mileage Tax Services

Through a special relationship with TransCore, you can keep your trucks running legally and efficiently across state and provincial borders – all at special pricing for OOIDA members.

DAT's Fuel & Mileage Tax Services are designed to be fast, user-friendly, and cost effective.

Taxes as Easy as 1-2-3
DAT offers three different options designed to meet the needs of the independent owner operator, small company, or large fleet. Depending on the needs of your company, you can choose from one of the following:

How does it work?

Additionally, DAT's Fuel & Mileage Tax Services include a free fuel optimization and routing module that helps you plan the most efficient route, locating the cheapest diesel on that route, and then track the fuel taxes associated with that route using the most accurate database of highway miles in North America. DAT offers a broad variety of time and money-saving services backed by years of industry experience.

For more information visit website or phone 866-812-3379 and mention that you're an OOIDA member.

You may also contact OOIDA's Business Services at 800-444-5791 for additional information.