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Benefits & Services

Identity Management Services


Did you know that every 79 seconds someone's identity is stolen?

Left in its wake, the victim is faced with countless hours trying to undo the damage done to their credit rating and reputation. According to the Federal Trade Commission, as many as 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year – it's no wonder identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the nation.

As a member of OOIDA, you can have peace of mind by protecting your identity with: OneBeacon Services® Identity Management Package.  Plus, as part of this service package you also get the added benefit of access to a unique program that assists in the recovery of unclaimed funds.

For as little as $24.00 a year, the OneBeacon Services® Identity Management Package provides you with the ultimate in protection and prevention for nine common identity-related issues as well as credit monitoring and asset recovery services:

Important facts about the service

What is the cost of the OneBeacon Services® Identity Management Package? 
As a member of OOIDA, you are eligible to enroll in the OneBeacon Services package.

Plan Annual Cost Included in Cost
Option A
Identity Management Services
AIM Asset Recovery Services*
Option B
Identity Management Services
AIM Asset Recovery Services*
Single Bureau Credit Monitoring*

*service is for member only.

Who is eligible for the OneBeacon Services® Identity Management Package?
All OOIDA members are eligible to purchase the service package.

How do I sign up for the OneBeacon Services® Identity Management Package? 
Sign up is simple!  To enroll online use main (desktop) site, or print and complete the form and mail to Owner-Operator Services, Inc., PO Box 1000, Grain Valley, MO 64029, or fax the enrollment form to 816-427-4471, or call 1-800-715-9369.

How do I know the effective date of this service?
Your service package is active 24 hours after payment is received, provided a completed, signed and dated enrollment form is received at our office. A service toolkit will be mailed to you, at which point you will have the details needed to access services.

If I purchase services, can other family members use them?  
For $24.00 per person per year, your qualified dependents can access the nine common identity related services. 
Access to Single Bureau Credit Monitoring* and AIM Asset Recovery* is only available to members. 
*additional $12.00 fee applies to access Single Bureau Credit Monitoring.

The services described above are non-transferable and non-assignable.

Sign up is simple!

Simply enroll online using the main (desktop) site, or call 1-800-715-9369.